Why Greenhouse?

Quality Sun Belle greenhouse vegetables are a win-win proposition:

  • Greenhouse agriculture has antecedents in ancient Rome and renaissance Holland, as a means of growing plants when outdoor conditions didn’t allow it. In the case of the Dutch, glass houses were at first a means for growing rare grapes in a region adjoining the North Sea. With the impetus of exotic plants being brought to Europe during the age of exploration, such as the tomato, and a huge reduction in the cost of glass in the 19th Century, Holland took the lead in growing flowers, fruits and vegetables under glass.
  • The greenhouses Sun Belle represents feature cutting edge technology and processes that are light years ahead of these antecedents and superior to those used in current open field farms. Sun Belle’s greenhouses are completely enclosed environments where plants grow, blossom and produce in glass structures, free of pests while being fed precise amounts of nutrients at ideal temperatures and with ideal amounts of light. The results are large, uniform, tasty, healthy vegetables. These vegetables are picked ripe so as to maximize flavor, color and nutrition without sacrificing quality and appearance.
  • With distribution centers in the Midwest, Middle Atlantic and Florida and rigorous attention on quality and logistics, Sun Belle is able to guarantee fresh arrivals which exceed the expectations of our customers.

    Quality Sun Belle greenhouse vegetables are a win-win proposition.