For Health & Happiness Eat More Berries, Fruits & Vegetables

Sun Belle is on the vanguard offering consumers year around fresh berries, fruits and vegetables. These foods contain the goodness, flavor, fiber, vitamins and disease fighting substances which should be central to a family’s diet. And they are easy to prepare — they can be eaten out of hand and raw, added into salads or used to flavor and enhance entrees, soups and desserts. Stock your kitchen with fruits, vegetables and berries. There is no limit to their use.

While chock full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and complex carbohydrates, fresh berries, fruits and vegetables contain secondary substances that contribute to health. These include anthocyanins, the compounds that give fresh produce their deep and amazing colors and whose antioxidant effects are seen as a counter to the development of cancer, cardiac and coronary disease, inflammatory processes and memory loss and other issues associated with ageing.

And when it comes to controlling weight, fresh berries, fruits and vegetables are a natural friend. They provide nutrition without weight gain. By being consumed largely in its natural state, with little processing, fresh produce provides the digestive system a needed and very useful workout. Leading diets, including Weight Watchers, offer no limits to the consumption of minimally prepared fresh fruits, vegetables and berries, meaning they are not sweetened or sauced.